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Hi there, we are Chord and if you like the likes of Snow Patrol, Coldplay and New Order then you'll probably going to like our music too. This year we are releasing our second album and have decided to do something a little bit different. Rather than release one big album all at once, we are releasing one track per month all through the year in exclusive to fans and subscribers. It makes sense, we plan to release a twelve track album, there are twelve months in a year so why not privilege those who choose to support us - plus there will also be bonus tracks and other goodies that we intend to share as a way of thanking you for subscribing.

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Birmingham, UK
Over the last decade Chord have been meticulously assembling lush and layered musical narrative. Contributing to the post Brit-pop tradition of bands like Snow Patrol and Depeche Mode, Chord fuses together delicate textures with driving pianos, synths and guitars seamlessly transitioning between spare and intimate ballads to soaring, declarative anthems.

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